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Now you have an alternative to surgery to regenerate the cartilage on your knee, repair your shoulder joints, hip joints, spine, neck and anywhere else on your body with regenerative measures such as prolotherapy, prolozone, stem cells and PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) and many other treatments that this clinic offers.  
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Do you have Lyme Disease or other Illneses that you have been troubled with for years.  Do you have EBV, Chronic Fatigue, have been to several specialists and while they are making a lot of money off your good insurance, you are suffering more and more?

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At PainCare, we schedule enough time for you to tell of the medical processes that happened before.  We take what you have to say seriously and will use alternative remedies if that is what will help you.   We alternative treatments to support cancer care.  Lyme Disease is addressed under our Major Autohemotherapy protochol.  We treat with various insufflations.  We offer remedies to slow the progression of memory loss. We offer alternative supplemental treatments for stroke.   We offer Acupuncture to those on chemotherapy to help with the side effects.  Please see the numerous conditions we treat under Services
Who We Are
We are a medical clinic that treats pain naturally through remedies such as prolotherapy, prolozone, ozone, platelet rich plasma and stem cell treatments.  The clinic is owned and operated by one doctor, Dr. Sheila Mohammed, MD, PhD.  Lisa Davis is the office manager and does everything else.   The patients we see have usually been to multiple medical specialists without resolution to their illness and they come to us as their last hope for relief, which we provide.  I wish patients will come to us first and save themselves a lot of heartache.  Our treatments are an alternative to surgery.  We treat painful conditions of the joints and spine.  We also treat internal pain such as pelvic pain, intestinal issues, and infectious diseases.  When you come to our clinic, you are treated like family.  We set aside at least one hour per patient, so you have enough time to explain what bothers you and receive unhurried explanations.  Together we will arrive at the best treatment plan for you that is cost-effective and yields results.
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X-Ray evidence as to how cartillage in the knee grows back after Prolotherapy treatment.  The dark space between the bones has increased meaning more cartillage is there.  
The Hip Joint before and after Prolotherapy as seen on X-Rays.  The image before has bone on bone arthritis.  In the second image the joint line is clearly visible as the cartillage has grown back.  When this happens, the pain goes as well.
Olie, our Rottweiler friend got his lollipop after being a great prolotherapy patient.  He is seen here with his dad, Bob.